Satan ist Michael ist der Überwinder des Drachens

By H. P. Blavatsky (Secret Doctrin II)

Satan is St. Michael is the the slayer of the Dragon

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Turning to the Bible, we find Satan, one of the “Sons of God” (Job. i. 6), becoming in exoteric interpretation the Devil, and the Dragon in its infernal, evil sense. But in the Kabala (“Book of Numbers”) Samael, who is Satan, is shown to be identical with St. Michael, the slayer of the Dragon. How is this? For it is said that Tselem (the image) reflects alike Michael and Samael who are one. Both proceed, it is taught, from Ruach (Spirit), Neschamah (Soul) and Nephesch (life). In the “Chaldean Book of Numbers” Samael is the concealed (occult) Wisdom, and Michael the higher terrestrial Wisdom, both emanating from the same source but diverging after their issue from the mundane soul, which on Earth is Mahat (intellectual understanding, or Manas (the seat of Intellect). Weiterlesen