With “guru-banking” to success

Anshu Jain, the designated head of Deutsche Bank, is a Jnani

London / Frankfurt – To find the compressed explanation of a path of Yoga in the first paragraph of the lead article of the business part of a national daily newspaper1 is quite extraordinary. But after this there will probably be reports on Jnana-Yoga more frequently, because on July 27th 2011 Anshuman (“Anshu”) Jain has been elected to one of the two heads of Deutsche Bank. Jain is an avowed Jnani, an aspirant for wisdom. The way of Jnani is the way of complete self-sur­ren­der and has only one goal – unity with the ONE, with the “ONE” is not meant an anthropomorphic God, but an all-pervading divine principle.

Jainism and guru banking in a small Hessian town affiliate? (*)

The mindset of a Jnani is very similar to that of the Buddhists. No wonder, with his reformation doctrine of the Four Noble Truths, Buddha Shakyamuni encounters about 600 BCE in India a multi-religious civilization. Even then, Jainism was seen as a kind of ascetic “elite religion”. Is the new motto of Deutsche Bank now: With ‘Guru-banking “, despite the financial crisis to success? Weiterlesen

  1. “Der Guru mit dem Rucksack”, Süddeutsche Zeitung, July 26th 2011