The Secret of the Fire: Nothing happens at all – despite all Esoteric and Spirituality

Das Geheimnis des Feuers: Trotz Esoterik und Spiritualität – nichts passiert.

How many are there not who spend whole life times in the study of Vedânta and kindred philosophies and yet who have to confess to themselves in the end that nothing has happend.

xl_fire.jpgWas ist das Geheimnis des FEUERS DES LEBENS? (Bild: Trinosophie-Blog)

The world has remained the same world, their senses have remained the same vicious and unruly horses, the Light that was have shone forth has remained hidden and the Unitive Knowledge of which they have read and argued so much has remained a metaphysical theory, something the experience of which must be postponed till after death. Weiterlesen