Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

Alle Twitter-Updates von TrinosophieBlog in der Woche vom 21. bis 27. Juni 2009.


Tweets der Woche im Überblick.

  • RT @Yaatriki: RT @darshanalibrary: One should never make it their #business to sell #Dharma. The True Dharma is free for everyone. #
  • RT @Yaatriki: Adult, Caring & Consensual relations are never immoral or amoral. It is Mara that has allowed the world to think otherwise. #
  • RT @Yaatriki: OM teaches that all expressions of intimacy, if monogamous, betwee… Read More: #
  • Tote deutsche Soldaten – Franz Josef Jung: “Nun erst recht.” Selbstgerechtigkeit dieses Ministers ist unerträglich. #
  • RT @darshanalibrary: The steps on the path of true knowledge and full liberation #
  • RT @Yaatriki: The Spiritual Warrior must be a Guerilla Fighter, using any and al… Read More: #
  • RT @Yaatriki: If a streetlight is not working, do you deny the street? Then why… Read More: #
  • RT @Yaatriki: To move from blithely ignorance to hysterical panic are not the tr… Read More: #
  • RT @gtdguy: Being quiet is simply listening to subtler sounds. The universe is always on. #
  • RT @Yaatriki: Discernment is rare in this age. Few have it and even fewer use it. #
  • RT @Yaatriki: When lies sound true and truth is taken for falsehood, Maya has reached its Zenith. #

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