“Theosophical Society 2.0″ as renewing reform momentum

By Heinz Knotek (); article translated into English by Christina Graf

The TG – struck by opposites.
Illustration: SPLENDOR SOLIS1

For more than 120 years the agony of the “Theo­sophical Society” (TG) now last already. Fragmented into dozens of groups and subgroups the members of each individual club stick to their self-declared “successor-leaders” with rock-hard defiance.

They once made war to the death in the name of “Mahatmas” initi­ally for the spiritual and scientific heritage of HP Blavatsky and WQ Judge, then sunk their snaffled shares in the spiritual swamp or smothered them with intellectual drought. The visibility of what is now known under the name “Theo­sophical Society” is therefore right to virtually zero. Weiterlesen

  1. SPLENDOR SOLIS: an alchemical treatise attributed to the 16th-century alchemist Salomon Trismosin