“Theosophical Society 2.0″ as renewing reform momentum

By Heinz Knotek (); article translated into English by Christina Graf

The TG – struck by opposites.
Illustration: SPLENDOR SOLIS1

For more than 120 years the agony of the “Theo­sophical Society” (TG) now last already. Fragmented into dozens of groups and subgroups the members of each individual club stick to their self-declared “successor-leaders” with rock-hard defiance.

They once made war to the death in the name of “Mahatmas” initi­ally for the spiritual and scientific heritage of HP Blavatsky and WQ Judge, then sunk their snaffled shares in the spiritual swamp or smothered them with intellectual drought. The visibility of what is now known under the name “Theo­sophical Society” is therefore right to virtually zero.

Initiation of a “Theosophical Society 2.0”

Though the approaches to reform religion and science – as it is propagated in the “Theosophical Society” founded in 1875 by HP Blavatsky, WQ Judge and HS Olcott in New York – is more relevant and necessary than ever. Neither religion nor sciences have convincing and tangible ideas for the future of humanity. The renewed reform momentum of a “Theosophical Society 2.0” would be a light in a dark tunnel which leads us into that future.

Today the TG seems to be like
withered trees.

How could an initiation “Theo­sophical Society 2.0” looks like? One thing is certain: This time we have to do without astral pheno­mena of alleged Mahatmas or masters like in 1875. With little letters that fall out of nowhere from the ceiling it is difficult to impress the modern iPhone users. And notes, magically added to a text – found in a sealed envelope – would rather be seen as a result of a document editing with Photoshop than as a tangible evidence of the existence of highly developed beings.

The initiation of a “Theosophical Society 2.0” must obviously take place like an alchemical process. We “magicians” have formally broken down the WHOLE into countless parts and scattered them in order to assemble the pieces then according to our expec­tations. NOW it is to reverse the process. The particles (the myriad of groups and subgroups) must be re-liquefied (fixation to “successor” must be given up completely). Once on the move, the parts have to be merged again.

Theosophical Society 2.0:
Theosophy again recognizable as a purposeful way

This dynamic effect could be achieved in two steps:

  1. first of all, the epistemological writings of Blavatsky and Judge should be accepted as scientific theories, including the Mahatma Letters published by A. Trevor Barker2.
  2. after that the more intellectual components should be inseparable connected to the concept of a global altruism like it can be found in Buddhist philosophy and in the ethical and moral principles of all religions in an allegorical way.

Diligent work together for THE CAUSE. Illustration: SPLENDOR SOLIS

Then – analogous to any alchemical process – it requires “only” patience, perseverance and, above all, the good will to overcome himself and his “own” small group sustainably. When finally a “Theosophical Society 2.0” will be able to constitute itself as a relevant social force is not predictable. Your own karma you may guess at best. But what took generations to be resolved probably will need several generations to be able to grow back together again.

  1. SPLENDOR SOLIS: an alchemical treatise attributed to the 16th-century alchemist Salomon Trismosin
  2. Refers ONLY to Mahatma letters edited by Barker; NOT to the alleged so-called personal messages.

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