The Golden Flower © Kô-Sen 2009First establish a firm foothold…
© Kô-Sen 2009

First establish a firm foothold in daily activities within society. Only then can you cultivate reality and understand essence.
(I • The Celestial Mind – 7)

The golden flower is light. What color is light? It is symbolized by the golden flower … This is the absolutely unified real energy of celestial immortals…
(ibid – 10)

… You should … practice diligently; it would be too bad if you wasted time. If you do not practice for a day, then you are a ghost for a day; if you do practice for a single breath, then you are a realized immortal for a breath. Work on this.
(XIII • Song to Inspire the World – 22)

You suppose that attainment is possible in quietude but lost in activity; you do not realize that the reason for loss through activity is because nothing is attained through stillness. When you attain nothing in quietude or lose anything through activity, in either case you have not yet reached the Way.
(Questions and Answers)

open_book_nae_02 THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, The Classic Chinese Book of Life, Translated, with Introduction, Notes, and Commentary by Thomas Cleary, New York, 1991

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