Die zwingende Macht des rotierenden Rades

Nach der These von KARMA und REINKARNATION ist der Mensch durch die zwingende Macht von wie Räder rotierenden Zyklen gebunden. Doch wie entsteht die Bindung? Und lässt sie sich überwinden?

Mysterium Rad © Kô-Sen 2009Faszination drehendes Rad. (*)

In ihrer modernen Interpretation der Geheimlehre von H. P. Blavatsky, MAN, THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS, werfen die Engländer Sri Krishna Prem und Sri Madhava Ashish ein Licht auf das Mysterium des „ans Rad geketteten Menschen.“

Abstract of Man, The Measure Of All Things

By Sri Krishna Prem and Sri Madhava Ashish

It is not difficult to find evidence for the ingress of subtle powers into this world, but it is rare to find anyone who can demonstrate them at will. To do so one must be able to enter the area of subtle world with his will unimpaired so that he is, as it were, in the world of dreams yet not dreaming. In this state the dream material that takes its form from the imagining faculty is plastic to his will, and there, if he can remember and pronounce ‚words of power’, they will be effective. It is in this realm that the possession of a name gives power over a person, or over a personified power, and it is to attain to this state of the waking experience of dream that so many religious and magical practices are directed, for only when he is awake, on whatsoever level of being, is man able to exercise his innate freedom of spirit; in all other states he is bound to the circle of necessity. It seems to those who die that they are called by name to whatever sort of judgement their religious background has conditioned them for. Those who answer to their names are compelled to go, such ist he power of name; only those who have detached themselves from personal association with all names and all forms are free from compulsion.

(Quelle: Sri Krishna Prem and Sri Madhava Ashish: MAN, THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS, Wheaton, 1969)

(*) Text/Bild: Kô-Sen

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